London Mistress Reviews - Session Testimonials

Review from Slave M. L.  – October 2023

I have been visiting Mistress Wildfire for over a year now and every visit exceeds the last. This is because Mistress Wildfire expertly crafts each one to fit exactly with what has been discussed prior to session. Her attention to detail is genuinely beyond comparison.

Mistress Wildfire’s enviable combination of talent, skill, beauty and a subtle Eastern European charm makes visiting Her almost impossible to resist; Her accent alone is so irresistible and seductive that falling for her charm and unique character is almost inevitable. For me, it is a most wonderful addiction to which there is no cure! When you first set your eyes on Her, you will understand what I mean and you will be forever enslaved, like I.

For this particular session, Mistress was dressed in leather, dressed as if she’d stepped right out of one of my dreams: The perfect blonde, leather-clad dominatrix. I was tightly bound and gagged to the spanking bench with Mistress Wildfire’s new leather straps when She suddenly appeared; a beautiful leather-clad blonde walking into my field of vision, teasing me with details of the torment (and pleasure) which was about to unfold.

The highlight of the session was yet to come! Bound and gagged in Mistress Wildfire’s leather sleep sack with ten of Her new leather straps tightly securing every inch of it around me, immobilised and totally helpless, I could barely wriggle let alone move. As Mistress said: I was bound like a sausage! What followed was the most incredible experience…

You too will discover sensations like this, sensations you never imagined existed if or shall I say ‘when’ you allow Mistress Wildfire to enslave you forever!

Slave M. L. October, 2023


Review from VW – July 2023

“How odd. Why is my right leg twitching like that?”, I found myself hazily wondering about a week ago, as I laid cuffed in a sex swing, a leather collar around my neck, a vibrating wand pressed to my penis, and a strap-on dildo pounding in and out of my reddened arse. Why my right leg became such a fixed memory for me at the time, I do not know – in actuality, it was my whole body that was twitching. The reason for its spasms was in retrospect quite obvious, though; I was experiencing intense pleasure of a magnitude I never had before, and was just a few moments away from the best orgasm of my life. And it was all at the hands of Mistress Wildfire, a woman whose beauty is only matched by her exceptional skill at what she does.

My road to Mistress Wildfire’s dungeon was a long one, in more ways than one. Physically, it involved international traveling. In terms of time, it was even longer; at 40 years of age and after 25-odd years of unfulfilled fantasies about BDSM, I finally decided to make this dream of mine a reality. In addition, I booked my session with Mistress Wildfire about three months in advance (generally not a necessity; I just wanted to make sure of availability to match my vacation). Whether such a long wait was beneficial or not, I’m not sure. On one hand, those months might well have been the longest of my life. On the other hand, it did give me ample time to go through all kinds of different stages of anticipation and nervousness, where I bounced wildly between “This is going to be great” and “There’s no way I can actually go through with this”. There was not a single day between booking and the set date where I didn’t think about the impending session. Towards the end of the waiting period, I had gotten so used to thinking about it that it almost started to seem like an ordinary thing I was doing. Just another appointment, like going to the dentist or something.

The nerves sure came back in full force during the last few days, though! With the appointment set for the early afternoon, I spent the morning of the day strolling around one of London’s parks, trying to take in the lovely nature, with my brain continuously going “By the way, you’re getting spanked and pegged in a few hours”. This just kept building throughout the day, and by the time I knocked on Mistress Wildfire’s door, my internal tension was through the roof.

And then she opened the door, and it all faded away in a matter of minutes. Because as highly skilled as she is in all the physical aspects of BDSM, the thing that has stood out to me in the days since is how adept she was at putting me at ease when I first stepped through her door and we sat down for our pre-session discussion. I’m normally very shy and awkward and keep things close to my chest, but Mistress had me discussing my deepest desires before long, always knowing what to say and do to help my answers along. I got so relaxed that when it was time for the session to begin and Mistress ordered me to strip naked before her, it felt like the most natural thing in the world. I trusted her.

Communication was fully maintained throughout the whole session. I never felt uncertain about what was going to happen, as she guided me along every step of the way and explained what was to come next. But communication is a two-way street, and this is something I would urge any prospective clients to keep in mind. The more open you are with Mistress about your desires, the better your session will be. This goes both for your initial contact, your pre-session discussion, and during the session itself. There were a couple of times during my session where I asked her if we could try X, or if Y was okay. She was more than willing to accommodate me, and it made the session so much more fulfilling.

Communication also took an unexpected form for me during the session. In my initial e-mail to Mistress Wildfire, I had explained what activities I was particularly interested in, and then mentioned a few others I was unsure about. One of those was forced feminisation, which is a very “wobbly” kink for me in that some days I’m quite intrigued by the idea, and other days I’m convinced it’s not for me. I had since decided that it was something we wouldn’t do for this first BDSM experience of mine at least. However, at one point during the session, Mistress started probing me further about it, asking what kind of women’s clothes I imagined myself wearing in such a scenario. Heightened by the submissive headspace I was in at the time, I answered as truthfully as I could (as a side-note, it’s remarkable how forthcoming you become when Mistress is currently tying a rope around your cock), and she replied by suggesting how this could be implemented in a future session. And all of a sudden, I knew this was something I absolutely wanted to try at some point. Indeed, in the days following the session, I couldn’t stop thinking about being forced into women’s clothing by Mistress. It’s definitely high on the list of things I want to try for my second session, whenever that ends up taking place.

I left the session feeling physically spent and fulfilled, and mentally on happy clouds. Honestly, I felt like I was on top of the world. I had gone through with this thing I had been fantasising about for my entire adult life, and it had been been better than I ever would have imagined. Even now, a full week later, I feel like a new level of confidence has been unlocked within me. And I owe it all to Mistress Wildfire.

If there’s one regret I have, it’s that I didn’t do this sooner than I did. Don’t make that same mistake. Booking is such a simple process, and Mistress is excellent at making the whole procedure as smooth and easy as possible. So just do it. Write down your thoughts and interests and send her that first e-mail. You won’t regret it.




Review from M. H. – October 2022

My second visit to Mistress Wildfire was an unparalleled BDSM experience. When visiting Mistress Wildfire one thing that you will find is the opportunity to talk through your kinks and fetishes in a relaxed atmosphere before your session begins.

She is also a great looking woman who is totally skilled and professional in her approach to BDSM. Although Mistress Wildfire is one of the nicest ladies you could ever wish to meet, she can also be a truly dominant woman. I was about to discover this first hand and I was surprised by just how dominant she could be! She totally took my breath away, and although I experienced this during my last visit, of course, I felt it more intensely this time round. I had asked if a longer session would be possible on this occasion and I was excited to find out that it was! I must thank Mistress Wildfire for agreeing to this at rather short notice. A professional in every respect.

Mistress wildfire’s beauty is without question. In leather, she is simply breathtaking! I cannot believe how gorgeous she looked today- in fact, on both of my visits, I kept my glasses on so I literally didn’t have to miss a second of seeing this beautiful leather clad woman standing over me.

Mistress Wildfire crafts bespoke sessions for her slaves which never disappoint. The sense of complete helplessness which I felt during each of the restraint scenarios which Mistress Wildfire devised for me today was just incredible. It is hard to actually put into words just how expertly Mistress Wildfire manipulated these experiences to create the desired feelings in me. At some points, there were moments when I felt a powerful mixture of fear and excitement during my expertly engineered vulnerability: Exactly what I wanted to experience, both thrilling and exciting at the same time! However, always in the back of my mind was the knowledge that I was completely under the professional care of Mistress Wildfire. Psychologically vulnerable I might have felt, as Mistress cunningly played on my fears and toyed with my emotions, but in reality, I was always completely safe. A very clever but completely unscripted game was being played out and I was the central character. I had wanted a cruel and beautiful tormentress and Mistress Wildfire was playing that role with both skill and enjoyment. Yes, I said enjoyment. Mistress enjoys her work. She really does put her heart and soul into it! My mind was being bent and I was loving every minute of it.

The session took so many twists and turns, some of which I was aware would happen, others which became wonderful surprises. It was exhilarating, painfully so at times but always within the limits of what we discussed earlier. I knew my safe word if it was needed, but in my case it wasn’t. Looking back after my session, I think this clearly shows the skill which Mistress Wildfire possesses. Judging which buttons to push, testing your limits to see how you tick and all this without pushing you too far. In my opinion, she did this to perfection.

The finale was the best act of all. Mistress wildfire had saved this particular experience to the very end, intentionally I believe. It was mind blowing beyond words! The most pleasure I have ever experienced. Mistress, I wanted to stay there with you forever.

I am proud to say that this is my Mistress and I hope she will always be. We shared experiences together today which will always be with me, long after the marks have faded.

I cannot recommend Mistress Wildfire highly enough. Simply put, she is just perfect!

Slave Mark.


Review from M. Lewis – September 2022

Making contact and arranging your first session with Mistress Wildfire is simple and discrete. Although I had not visited Mistress Wildfire before, I felt completely reassured with the ease in which she made those necessary arrangements on my behalf.

One of the most important points for me when deciding to visit a mistress for the first time is  knowing that I will be safe in her hands and that my needs, and limits will be respected. With Mistress Wildfire, this is just as important to her as it is to you! I felt completely comfortable with expressing what I wanted from the session, and Mistress was completely comfortable in accommodating that.

Before the initial meeting, I admit to feeling a little worried, my stomach in knots-probably quite normal under the circumstances.  However, this was absolutely unnecessary, I can assure you. As soon as it was time to meet my Mistress, any butterflies which I had previously were now long gone, Mistress Wildfire made me feel completely at ease as soon as she answered the door. A minute or two of relaxing chatter from Her was all that was needed to break the ice.

I offered Mistress my tribute as we sat down to discuss the session. What you will find with Mistress Wildfire, beside her being totally professional, is that she is absolutely engaged in your needs as she genuinely has your interests at heart, something which is not common these days. She wants you to enjoy the session as much as she does, from wanting to discuss any concerns which you might have to ensuring that you feel completely comfortable beforehand.  After this brief discussion of what was to be explored, Mistress Wildfire moved on to discuss how an injury which I had might affect the session.  She was completely understanding of this and able to suggest how to avoid compromising my pleasure or my safety.

Mistress Wildfire’s play space is just incredible! She lacks for nothing and everything in there is of the highest quality-especially her leather items, as I was soon to find out! I had hoped that my Mistress was to be leather-clad for the session and I was not to be disappointed. In fact, I could not have been more pleased! She looked stunning, absolutely stunning! So much so that I genuinely could not take my eyes off her for the whole of the time I was with her. She is a truly beautiful woman with both humour and intelligence which perfectly complement Her stunning beauty and seductive charm. She is without doubt the most captivating, alluring mistress that I have ever had the pleasure to serve. 

I will not detail the experiences which I had, but what I will say is that Mistress Wildfire managed to incorporate all my desires into the session and She did so in an imaginative and creative way. I especially enjoyed my time on Her bondage table; an experience which I shall never forget! The way in which she applied the multitude of strong, black, leather straps around me so tightly and securely that I could hardly move; the way that she gagged me with utter efficiency so that I could hardly make a sound, although I enjoyed trying, of course!

Finally, the session was over. How had 2 hours passed so quickly? Indeed, I later learned that it was actually longer than 2 hours; Mistress Wildfire does not rush you. My Mistress had succeeded in constructed a scenario which had flowed so effortlessly from one scene to another that I had not even noticed the passage of time. As I was released from my bonds, I had a feeling of pure serenity; of great pleasure and happiness; one I had never experienced before. It was at that moment, I realised that I had finally found the perfect mistress: Mistress Wildfire.

If you are considering visiting Mistress Wildfire, please do not hesitate a moment longer in making your decision. Booking a session with her will be one of the best decisions that you ever make. I assure you that once you experience her beauty, elegance and intelligence, you will never want, or be able to, escape Her enchanting hold over you.



Review from Nick – May 2022

I hadn’t seen a professional mistress before, so I spent most of the day leading up to my first session with Mistress Wildfire feeling like a nervous wreck.


But by the time I made my way to her well-appointed studio that fear gave way to excitement because I knew it was something I had wanted to do for such a long time.

Mistress made me feel at ease as soon as I was through the door with a glass of water and a relaxing conversation about what I was interested in – spanking, humiliation, ass play, worship – terms of address, limits and safe words.

Then it was down to business and I was made to kneel and wear a hood, collar and leash before Mistress led me across her roomy playspace on my hands and knees.

There she inspected and mocked by pathetic body, telling me that if I wanted the privilege of her sitting on my face then I would have to earn it by being spanked.

After tying me to her sturdy whipping bench Mistress warmed me up with dozens of firm spanks before moving up to a couple of different paddles to see how much of a beating I could take. Fortunately, I passed the test.

Mistress is assertively dominant but is also very understanding. She checked that my collar wasn’t too tight and adjusted my hood when she realised I was having trouble hearing her demands.

I had told her I was very nervous about anal play and so when it came down to her using my ass she was very gentle to begin with, first exploring it with her gloved fingers and then a small dildo to see how much I could comfortably take.

Nothing could prepare me for the incredible feeling of being fucked by Mistress’s strapon. I begged her to pound me harder and harder and she obliged, making me quiver and tremble as I enjoyed one of the best experiences of my life.

Back on my knees, Mistress had me breathe in the aroma of her gorgeous bottom before planting dozens of kisses on the cheeks. By the time I was on my back with Mistress sat on my face I was in an absolute trance and when she touched a powerful vibrator to my tiny cock I could barely last more than a few seconds.

After a quick shower and a wind-down chat I was out of the door and on my way home, feeling the best I’ve felt in years and already planning my next visit.


Review from J.J – January 2022

If you had asked me even a few months ago if I could do something like meet Mistress Wildfire, let alone enjoy it, and remember it as one of the most spectacular experiences of my life, I would not have believed I could do it, or that it would leave me feeling so dizzyingly happy and craving more.


I cannot speak highly enough of this woman. She is a true professional and someone who clearly enjoys and takes pride in what she does. As anyone with working retinas can see she is also a stunningly beautiful woman, although two dimensional images cannot do her justice. She is photogenic of course, but only being in her presence can one truly appreciate her natural beauty and that intangible and somewhat rare quality of being both beautiful and sexy. While this could easily be intimidating, particularly for an absolute beginner as I was, Mistress Wildfire took the time to put you at ease and emphasise that the reason for meeting her is to have fun and to enjoy the experience. Her communication was reassuring without ‘breaking the spell’ or giving anything other than the impression that she is completely in control. 

I could go into detail about what she did to me and for me, but that would be specific to my own preferences and would certainly not do her justice. Suffice to say that I got all I wanted out of this experience and so much more besides. As only someone with such specific expertise in their field can, she was able to deliver what I wanted while giving me a further insight into a side of myself that I never knew. In other words, she seemed to know this side of me better than I knew myself.

Despite her reassurances, just deciding to get involved in this type of adventure was, for someone like me, a new and nerve-wracking experience. What really made this experience such a positive one was the empathy Mistress Wildfire showed in understanding what I wanted out of this experience and by showing me what she could do and by opening my eyes to how and why it was something I should enjoy. 

By the time the two hour session ended, I was breathless and thoroughly satisfied. I had felt such a rush of pleasure and exhilaration and had been stimulated physically and mentally more than I could ever had imagined possible. I left her company wanting more but more than anything so very grateful and appreciative of what she had done and how she had gone about it. 

What I would say to anyone who was sceptical about indulging in a similar adventure would be to seize the moment and book in with Mistress Wildfire. I have never revealed or been asked for my real name and as a very wary and private person, I have every confidence in her absolute discretion. She does not judge and does not seek to inflict pain or her will (unless you wanted her to of course), but to bring enjoyment and fulfilment to those fortunate enough to be in her presence.

In short, I would absolutely and thoroughly recommend Mistress Wildlife to either an experienced lover of kink or to an absolute beginner as I was. I cannot wait for the opportunity to meet her again when I am next in London.




Review from D. – December 2019

I’ve had the privilege of serving London Mistress Wildfire on multiple occasions, and every minute of my time with her has been absolutely spectacular.


Before my first visit, I’d obviously seen how stunning she looked in the pictures on her website, but when I met her in the flesh for the first time, I was completely blown away. The pictures don’t even come close to doing her justice – she has the most perfect features, with piercing blue eyes that are dangerously magnetic, and an amazing figure that is always dressed to kill. But her physical looks are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of her qualities as a Mistress.

The first thing that became clear, is that she is very focused on developing trust, and emphasises the importance of communication (in both directions). Before our first session started, she took the time to review and discuss the information I had supplied with my booking request – covering previous experience, likes/dislikes, health issues – as well as any additional (new) activities she wanted to include in the session. The conversation was relaxed and informal, and put me completely at ease – which really helped me get over my nerves. Over time, I have come to appreciate first hand that she puts a great deal of time into preparing for a session – they are individually tailored and as a result each one is very unique – but always more intense and more amazing than the previous one.

Her play space is incredibly well equipped (and spotlessly clean for those like me that are a bit OCD about things like this) and she takes full advantage of this – using a wide variety of implements and techniques to keep things fresh and exciting. Once the session starts, you will never be in any doubt that she is in complete control. She doesn’t need to shout or scream, she just gives you a look and you know with perfect clarity.

She introduces new activities thoughtfully and reads situations perfectly, knowing just the right pace to build the intensity. I remember in my second session, she introduced bondage by handcuffing me at the start, then a short while later I was restrained to the cross, and by the end, I was tightly encased in a body bag, belted to her bondage bed, unable to move an inch, while she mercilessly tormented my cock with electrics and toyed with my ability to breathe by sitting on my face. The way she carefully built up to this allowed me to (just about) ride the crest of the wave of ever-increasing intensity – thoroughly revelling in the addictive combination and pleasure and pain, and basking in her power over me. Mistress Wildfire is a true artiste.

She has a mysterious ability to get me to try new things – even things that would have previously been no-go areas – and not just be willing to try them, but really, really want to try them. Maybe it’s because of the complete trust I have in her, or maybe she has powers of suggestion, or maybe it’s just that look in her eyes when she makes an offhand suggestion like “Have you ever worn a chastity device during a session? Some of my slaves really enjoy it”. I had a decent amount of previous BDSM experience, but this had always been a definite no-no from my perspective. But with Mistress Wildfire, I found myself replying “No, I’ve never tried it, but would really like to”, as I came to the realization that I really did want to try it with her – and the more I thought about it, the more I really really really did want to try it. I can remember vividly when it happened, a short while later during the session – I was restrained to the cross and she instructed me to close my eyes and to keep them tightly shut. Then the feeling of the cold metal cage being placed around my cock and a metallic click as she secured it with a padlock. I opened my eyes to see her taunting me with the key, wickedly laughing at my predicament. I looked down to see the sturdy metal cage – a constant and very tangible reminder of her complete control over me – and at that precise moment I learnt the true meaning of submission. And it felt absolutely incredible. By far and away the most intense experience I’ve ever had. But it didn’t stop there – she started to erotically tease and torment me, causing the most exquisite pain as my cock strained against the end of the cage. But that pain only increased the pleasure and the intensity. It was absolutely mind-blowing. This is just one example of many, and each one has been truly incredible. Her repertoire is very broad, her skills very accomplished, and her ability push exactly the right buttons is uncanny.


Mistress Wildfire is also a very accomplished hypnodomme.

Without fail, her melodic and magnetic voice take me into a deep and blissful trance. Once under, she plants very mischievous triggers, and then takes full advantage of them later in the sessions to great effect. I am still dumbfounded by how strong my mental and physical responses to the triggers are – I never cease to be amazed that she can say just a simple phrase and how that can create such a deep feeling of need or cause such intense physical arousal. And each time I go under for her, the responses get stronger and stronger. She really is quite remarkable.

Another of Mistress Wildfire’s many talents is in performing role play scenarios. Her enjoyment shows through, and she is able to act the part to perfection – often starting very innocently but always introducing wicked twists in the plot. As her unknowing victim, I love experiencing events slowly unfolding – getting deeper and deeper into her web of submission at every step, helpless to do anything about it. It adds a wonderful sense of intrigue to the sessions – as well as some moments of light-hearted fun.

As I have got to know Mistress Wildfire better, I have developed an even greater admiration for her dedication. Despite already having very broad and deep expertise, she is committed to continually developing her talents. This, coupled with her natural gifts, are an extremely rare combination.

I cannot speak highly enough of Mistress Wildfire’s talents and absolutely can’t wait to continue my journey with her.



Review from J. – January 2019

First-time experience with a London Mistress that I’ll never forget.

 * In a nutshell

The experience with Mistress Wildfire exceeded my wildest fantasies, and will continue to be the inspiration of my fantasies. A new world, which I was unaware of existing, has opened for me. I assume my experience is probably comparable to someone experimenting with a new drugs, although this one I believe is healthy, physically as well as mentally. I love my new drug.


* Why Mistress Wildfire?

 I started my search for a Mistress on the internet. My main selection criteria were: professionalism and looks. So I found that a clear professional website was important. Equally I found it important to find proof of experience, proof of studying the topic, and hence proof of interest in BDSM. I found that photos of a dungeon were proof of that professionalism. Rather than renting a dungeon now-and-then, Mistress Wildfire has her own dungeon. That’s clear proof of a dedication to the profession. I also took an interest in Mistress Wildfire because of her interest in edging, ruined orgasms. Her experience in areas where perhaps I would like to experiment were appealing. Equally I love to go out of my comfort zone, and mistress Wildfire has a range of areas which would clearly be out of my comfort zone, in some cases I would never even consider. Although… Never say never. I also found it extremely important mistress Wildfire took an interest in me: every body is different, so how can a mistress know what you want, without asking as much as possible? And that’s what she did, she asked for information about me: the more info, the better.


* Mistress Wildfire. Beforehand

 So after hours of browsing through the different websites of Mistresses, I finally chose Mistress Wildfire and used her form to book a meeting. Given my passion for slow and delayed, I decided to give mistress and myself 2 hours. The weekend before I read through the various testimonials on her website and I got extremely horny. This could actually happen to me. I got nervous, I got stressed, I actually got scared. But I also got very horny. A mixture of contradicting feelings. Amazing. My head was already spinning. The week went on. I had to convince myself not to play with myself. It’s hard, in the pants and in the head. In the mean time I was sending more information to Mistress Wildfire. She responded, she confirmed reading my requests, my limitations, … I have a wife, so I have a handicap: I can not have marks. I also have a proper job, so I can not have photos of videos. So I shared my concerns about that. No marks, no photos. Mistress Wildfire confirmed that wasn’t going to happen and responded very professional. At one point she texted the directions. Even that showed professionalism: exact, precise, clear. The day before I tried to make sure I looked presentable: shaved, got a haircut, … Then the evening beforehand I was extremely horny. I could literally explode. I was stressed, scared and horny, now more than before. I didn’t play. I took cold showers instead. I barely slept, reading the newspaper to burn time. I must say, the week before meeting mistress Wildfire was a unique experience itself.


* Mistress Wildfire. The last hour beforehand

 I went 1 hour beforehand. I searched for a coffee shop with toilet, to make sure I could flush anything that needed flushing. It was a nervous hour. I swallowed a Viagra over-the-counter pill. That was also a first. The day before I had asked mistress Wildfire’s advice about this. She confirmed that could be helpful, especially the first time. After an hour, I went to her studio. I rang the doorbell, went upstairs as instructed. She opened the door… There she was. I don’t have the words to fully and respectfully describe Mistress Wildfire. “Hot”, “sexy”, ….are words that come to mind, but they’re a bit ordinary. Of course mistress Wildfire is extremely beautiful. Probably the most beautiful woman I have had the privilege of being in contact with. But mistress Wildfire is so much more.


* Mistress Wildfire. The introduction.

Mistress Wildfire welcomed me into her flat. My main concern was that I would see a woman acting in a role. I felt Mistress Wildfire was herself. She explained what was to happen and gave me opportunity to answer questions and to comment. She was a person that you naturally would respect, in any circumstance and she didn’t get my respect by being rude or some fake acting, but I guess by demonstrating a number of things, including professional appearance, professional and articulate explaining and being respectful. I trusted her. I was comfortable, even knowing I was going to be challenged.


* Mistress Wildfire. The session.

 I had booked 2 x 1 hour introduction sessions. The first session started with mild domination. She took me into her dungeon , tied me to the wall and teased me. Given I had restraint myself for so long, given I had build up to this moment, given the surrounding, given mistress Wildfire was so extremely – how to say – intriguing, I ejaculated quite quickly. But, she knew what she was doing. She interrupted that at the right moment, making sure this was the first lap, not the finish. I also needed the warm up. There’s no point remaining this super horny. Let some steam off was the right thing to do. She instructed me to come to her couch and bend over her knees. She spanked me with her hands, with at regular intervals she touched my penis, slowly stroking. This was a great feeling. I experienced the slaps on my bum as a wonderful experience. Why is this happening? Sometimes she slowly touched my warm bum. My dick came hard as a result. She stroked my dick, and I’d come close to orgasm. Then she turned to slapping me again. My dick went weaker. This was repeated until she allowed me another ejaculation. Obviously ones more this was without an orgasm. Then it was time for a reward. She instructed me to lay down on my back. She sat on my face, with her pants on and in the mean time she teased me slowly. I was put on the edge again and had to give up my attempts of trying to resist. I had another ejaculation. Then she decided it was time to get up in the air. She put me into this thing and lifted me up in the air. She did what she called as an assgasm. My prostate was teased to the extend the precum was streaming out of my penis in volumes I had never seen before. And indeed… I got this assgasm, but she kept me ongoing. Onto her new toy. I sat on my knees and arms onto this thing. Although I got tied up into this position, this remained quite comfortable. This gave Mistress Wildfire the full control over my derrière. She inserted some vibrating device in my back, whilst stimulating me in the front. Then she took her cane, and started to whack me on the soles of my feet. This was actually quite painful, but again the combination of the vibrations in my back and the slow teasing at my front, combined with the pain, were making my emotions and thoughts go wild. Again I had an ejaculation. Finally, she invited me back on the floor. She used another vibrating device, this time on my penis. This resulted in a very long massive proper orgasm. I don’t believe I have ever had this intense orgasm ever before. I will never forget this experience in my life. Thank you so much mistress Wildfire. I hope I can be at your merci soon again.

Review from James – August 2018

“I have been serving Mistress Wildfire for over a year now and each time that I kneel before Her, the completeness of my submission and admiration for this remarkable Dominatrix grows.


Each visit surpasses the one before and when I find myself wondering how it could possibly get any better, each time, without fail, it does.

Mistress Wildfire is a true Goddess in all senses of the word, wholly deserving of devoted worship and submission, She is a dazzling vision and only by meeting Her can you appreciate just how striking, elegant and exquisitely beautiful She is. Her ass truly is one of the seven wonders of the world and it is impossible to describe the addictive pleasure and privilege of lying beneath Her and worshiping it. Her stocking-clad feet are graceful, fragrant and perfectly formed – a foot fetishist’s dream.

Mistress Wildfire’s powers of hypnosis are formidable. Focusing your gaze on a flickering candle or hypnotic spiral, listening only to Her rich, sensuous and mellifluous voice, the experience is heady and deeply mesmerising. It is so easy, so appealing to forget everything except Her bewitching presence and slip into a trance. All independent thought is gone and the lucky subject is left only with a desire to willingly do Her every bidding.

Mistress Wildfire is also something of an expert at the art of rope bondage.  Bound wonderfully tightly, you find yourself perfectly immobile, the sensation of the tight rope on your skin is delicious. The combination of the surrender of control in both in body and mind and the sense of anticipation at what might come next is irresistible and you find yourself floating in a submissive paradise.

Her victims will soon discover that Mistress Wildfire possesses a wonderfully wicked sense of humour. Strapped into an interrogation chair you are transformed into a hopeless wreck as She toys with you endlessly. By turns the moments of pain, intense pleasure and the most fantastic breath control turn your brain to mush. Your head spins – overcome by a complete, all-enveloping sense of total powerlessness.

Mistress Wildfire’s play-space is large and very well equipped. Her bondage frame is substantial and one feels so wonderfully vulnerable when strapped into it, perhaps wearing a sensory deprivation hood, a spreader-bar or both. It is also perfect for Mistress Wildfire’s fiendish take on hog-tying. The realisation that you are a completely hopeless captive, that there was no possible escape and the acceptance of your predicament leads to a sublime feeling of total submission.

Mistress Wildfire is extremely skilful in Her use of Her impressive collections of electrics, inflicting by turn instants of intense pain and, as one hangs defencelessly in Her Sex Swing, watching Her from within a claustrophobic hood, the most breath-taking moments of submissive ecstasy imaginable. As you hang there paralyzed and exposed, you can only watch this most striking and magnificent Goddess as She torments you mercilessly.

Finally and very importantly, Mistress Wildfire takes time to read and understand Her subs. Each time, She knows exactly the right buttons to press to have me completely in my submissive zone from the moment I arrive and She puts considerable effort into planning and preparing for a session. She is skilful and accomplished in the way in which She pushes my limits and introduces me to new things. Most importantly, She creates a strong bond of trust – I always feel safe when I am under Her control, making the act of submission all the more complete and each session so unique and memorable.”

Review from Eric – May 2018

My session with Mistress Alexandra was nothing short of spectacular.


She looked stunningly beautiful from the moment I arrived at her dungeon all in leather. A true Domme! During the session, she was able to take me where I had never been – and she wanted to go – with great care. She has the skills, technical capacity and beauty to seduce you and take you far in a journey of intense shared pleasure; only a gorgeous and competent Dominatrix can do that.

At the same time, she can be gracious and sensitive enough to build a solid bond of trust with her slaves. The image of MW seated with her legs crossed wearing thigh high leather boots, leather corset and leather gloves is still on my mind. It was privilege to serve her and to contemplate her beauty live. Her dungeon looks even better live. It is big, well-equipped and has a great atmosphere.

Review from John – December 2017

I am strapped to a bench standing over me are Mistress Wildfire, Mistress Sakura and Mistress Aaricia; the Bee Gees classic Staying Alive is playing in the background, and attached to my balls are two electrodes the controls of which are in the hands of Mistress Wildfire.


The chorus kicks in with the famous lyrics “Ah ha ha ha staying alive….” with each “ha” being accompanied by an extremely intense blast of electricity to my balls delivered with relish by the Mistress. This causes me to tense up, struggle pointlessly against the straps holding me to the bench and cry out in time with the music – Mistress Wildfire is playing me like an instrument! All three Mistresses find this absolutely hilarious and are laughing with delight over my predicament; by the third chorus I’m laughing too (albeit through the cries of pain).This scene was the culmination of the most enjoyable session of my life, and it was all thanks to the amazing Mistress Wildfire.

The lead up to this session had begun two weeks before. During these weeks I was under strict instruction not to masturbate or orgasm, and was made to wear panties under my clothes at all times (Mistress checked up on me periodically by requesting pictorial proof of my girly underwear). I was also given various tasks to complete, and on one occasion had to send Mistress a video of me recreating a certain scene from American Pie (I’m sure you can guess which one). On the evening before the session Mistress let me know that Mistress Sakura and Mistress Aaricia would also be present for part of our session. All this meant that when the day of the session finally arrived I was in a frenzy of sexual excitement. I arrived as instructed wearing suspenders and panties under my clothes and my fingernails painted bright red (red finger nails made a detour to the shop requested by Mistress particularly tricky). Mistress had devised a scenario for the session and I was instructed to “fix the boiler” until further notice. Mistress soon returned, castigated me for a bad job, accused me of snooping in her bedroom, handcuffed me and led me to her chambers with the intention of teaching me a stern lesson. Once in her chambers Mistress removed the red dress she had been wearing to reveal a considerably more kinky outfit underneath. Mistress Wildfire is a truly stunning Mistress: beautiful eyes, an amazing figure and an arse that cries out to be worshipped all combine to leave me feeling week at the knees. After removing my handcuffs Mistress instructs me to remove my clothes leaving me exposed in suspenders and panties. The feeling of being humiliated like this in front of a such a formidable and beautiful Mistress one I will never grow tired of and the anticipation of what is to come begins to rise. I am instructed to help Mistress on with her thigh high boots after which I am directed to lie over Mistress’s knee and given a good spanking which she administers first with her hand then with a paddle making sure I thank her after every six strokes. I am then humiliated and have my nipples, cock and balls tortured. By this point I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. Mistress Wildfire knows exactly what buttons to push to fulfil all my submissive desires and I’m ready to do anything for her.

Mistress now says I am going to be put in a stress position and begins preparing me. I am gagged, placed in a rope harness, an anal hook is put in my arse, cuffs are put on my wrists an ankles and I am instructed to lie on the floor. I am then hogtied and attached to a winch. Mistress then begins slowly cranking the winch causing the upper half of my body too lift up leaving my shoulders and chin on the floor. By the time she has finished I am completely immobile and pretty uncomfortable. Mistress then adds to my predicament by lying on her front, putting her legs either side of my face and sliding her arse to a point where it is just out of reach of my face. I am completely helpless, massively frustrated and incredibly happy!

I am released from the stress position my feet are put in a spreader bar and my arms restrained above my head. Clamps are placed on my nipples, weights on my balls, a blindfold is put over my eyes and panties over my head; the rope harness and anal hook are not removed and I’m still wearing my suspenders. In this incredibly humiliating and exposed position I can hear the approaching sound of two pairs of heels and Mistress announces the arrival of Mistress Sakura and Mistress Aaricia. Mistress removes my blindfold to reveal the newcomers. I’m asked a few simple questions by Mistress Sakura and find myself totally lost for words! To be in the presence of these three Mistresses all at once is simply overwhelming.

The Mistresses set about putting on strap-ons. I am released from my restraints and ordered to begin worshipping their cocks. I have to worship each strap-on for a minute whilst the Mistresses comment on my technique and give me a score out of 10; an overall score of less than 15 means trouble! Thankfully my technique improves on the last cock and I just make it past 15 points. With the cock sucking over I am restrained to a bench and the Bee Gees are put on the stereo. Once the Mistresses have had had their fun with me and everyone has stopped laughing Mistress Wildfire and Mistress Sakura take it in turns to sit on my face and tease me with a magic wand until I cum thereby bringing to an end one of the most intense, exhilarating and enjoyable two hours of my life. I will never be able to watch Saturday Night Fever in the same way ever again!

I have been seeing Pro Dommes my whole adult life and can honestly say that I have never been happier than when in the presence of Mistress Wildfire. She is beautiful, formidable and talented. She has an immense respect for my limits and desires and a sixth sense for knowing where a session needs to go at any given time. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Review from Enlightened Snowflake – May 2017

Submitting to Mistress Wildfire for the first time is a heady, intoxicating and addictive experience. No photograph can prepare you for quite how spectacularly beautiful She is in person. She greeted me in a black latex mini-dress, stockings and latex opera gloves, her stunning figure demanding servility and obedience from the outset. At first sight I was transfixed, tongue-tied and unable to speak, like a nervous schoolboy.

Mistress Wildfire is possessed of a overwhelming intellect and a wicked creativity. I sat mesmerized, giddy with a mixture of excitement and apprehension, as She described the scenario She had devised for me.

Within minutes I had been kidnapped. Completely disorientated, cuffed and with a hood over my head, I was led by my Captor down winding steps to Her torture chamber.  Once inside and with no means of escape, my hood was removed and I was permitted to survey Her impressive and intimidating selection of instruments of domination and torture.

As I followed Her instruction to undress, Mistress Wildfire stood over me imperiously brandishing Her riding crop; a superior, noble and elegant Eastern European Countess.  Once naked, I was tightly strapped into Her interrogation chair and, by now acquiescent and vulnerable, I was subjected to Her irresistible and expert hypnosis which stripped me of all vestiges of the will to resist and left me with only the desire to serve Her.

Completely enslaved, I was permitted to worship Mistress’s stocking clad feet (she has the most perfectly formed and fragrant feet, which I would gladly worship forever) and then, to my delight, Her wonderful latex-clad ass, before humbly and gratefully being allowed to touch her body as I shined Her dress.

But Mistress Wildfire had only been toying with me so far. Soon I found myself shackled to Her examination table and subjected to the most exquisite of tortures. In turn I gladly submitted to a range of delicious punishments including breath-play, face-sitting, nipple torture, cruel sensation play, pin-wheels, electrics and teasing with various devices.  Firmly held by my manacles I was powerless to resist and I writhed helplessly on the table, thrilled that my yells of discomfort elicited such wonderful, wicked laughter from my divine Tormentress.

Mistress Wildfire’s mixture of expertise, wit, creativity and humour is something exceptional. The role-play that She had prepared for me was very carefully thought out.  It was ingenious, wholly immersive and yet so inventive that I was never quite sure what She would do to me next. Outside of our session Mistress Wildfire was strikingly intelligent, engaging and delightful company. Superlatives cannot possibly do Her justice and I can’t recommend Mistress Wildfire highly enough. As I was released from my bonds I found myself begging to arrange another opportunity to submit to Her and I am counting the hours until I can place myself in Her clutches again.

Review from Craig – March 2017:

In life when you meet someone that has a true calling for what they do this will always shine through from the enthusiasm they show and the quality of their work.


Even if you yourself have no experience in the area the combination of true passion and technical expertise is always discernible; from the woodworking and craftsmanship of a master carpenter, the presentation and flavours of a meal prepared by a Michelin star chief to the framing and storytelling present in a photograph taken by an award winning photographer each posses a unique, intangible quality that lets you know that are in the presence of something very special – this is the same feeling you get when submitting to Mistress Alexandra Wildfire.

My first time meeting Mistress Wildfire was to some degree a spur of the moment decision, but as often is the case with such things a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable experience that I wouldn’t trade. I’d been interested in BDSM for number years but had until this point had  little to no chance to act upon my desires, then one day last December I found myself taking a last minute trip to London by myself. I’d already familiarised myself with her website and knew my interests lined up well with her own, so I spent some time preparing an introductory email which apologised for the short notice of my request and detailed my (lack of) experience, what I thought I might enjoy and what I felt my limits would be before asking what she felt appropriate for someone’s first session. The email sent, still unsure of what I was doing I was either expecting no response at all or to be told that I’d left it too late and it wouldn’t be possible, to my surprise and delight however a short time later I’d not only received a response but had arranged a time and date for a session on my second day in London.

The nervous anticipation slowly grew over the next four days, a heady mix of fear and excitement built as I was left wondering what I’d done, what I had let myself in for. As my first day in London drew to an end I received another email from Mistress Wildfire with directions to where we were to meet and asking me to confirm that I would be attending.  I arrived early the next day not wishing to make a bad impression by being late … I arrived far, far too early so I found a coffee shop and sat and watched the world go by or at least I told myself that was what I was doing. My nerves by now were almost all consuming as I sat drinking a coffee and fidgeting with a napkin whilst reviewing what we’d spoke about in emails. For a few fleeting moments I thought about leaving, but knowing now that it was too late to change anything and that deep down this is what I wanted, that I’d confirmed with Mistress Wildfire, I’d made a commitment and I would honour it, Mistress Wildfire would be expecting me, so after half an hour or so I slowly made my way the rest of the way to the arranged meeting location and I waited.

Mistress Wildfire arrived and we introduced ourselves to one another before making our way back to her chambers exchanging pleasantries and small talk on the short walk as we did so. Nothing quite prepares you for that first initial contact, you think you understand from the photographs on her website how attractive Miss Wildfire is, you don’t, those photographs pale in comparison to the first glimpse you catch of her in the flesh. Whether wrapped in latex, clad in leather, clothed in fine lingerie, or dressed in casual clothing to walk in public these outfits only serve to further enhance the allure that is Mistress Wildfire, a beauty that words and images alone cannot do justice to.

Upon entering her Chambers Mistress Wildfire had me sit and relax for a moment before starting the session with a glass of water and a conversation (clearly able to read my nerves) reiterating what we’d spoke of in the emails up until this point, making sure I was aware of acceptable forms of address and knew both a safeword and general idea of how the session would progress. As this was my first time in such an environment she went to great lengths to ensure I understood what would happen and how intentional pain in the session from a given activity differed from something which was unintentional such as that of a cramp. With that taken care of I was instructed to move into her playspace, undress and kneel while I while she took care of some of the paperwork in the other room for a moment. Doing as instructed the nervous anticipation which has abated somewhat during our talk slammed back into me as I was left naked, kneeling on the floor my eyes drifting around the room taking in the details from the large Saint Andrews cross and benches which dominated the walls to the tastefully arrayed crops, tawses and canes in this corner here, nipple clamps, butt plugs and dildos on a bookshelf there and so on as the Suicide Squad theme song ‘Sucker for Pain’ drifted quietly out from a speaker in the corner to fill the room, then I heard the slow deliberate clack of Mistress Wildfires heels on the hard wooden floor and knew my session was about to begin in earnest.

The session stated slowly as Mistress Wildfire dressed in a breath-taking combination of skin tight red latex dress and fishnet stockings allowed me the privilege of slowly worshiping from the toe of her high heels all the way to the top of her exquisite long legs stopping me occasionally to “warm up” my nipples through a series of light slaps, tugs and twists. Next I was blindfolded and strapped to the cross against the wall as her hands softly roamed around my body and then they were gone and again the anticipation built as I could hear Miss Wildfire walk around the room collecting unseen items before suddenly she was back, her voice coming from just to the side of my head as she continued the attention on my nipples. My mind reeled as without warning a nipple clamp was attached followed swiftly by a second. After a few moments to get accustomed to the new sensations I was introduced to Mistress Wildfires vampire gloves and pin wheel as she pressed and walked them along my body, working seemingly at random from chest to thighs and everywhere in-between stopping occasionally to press and rub her shapely figure against my restrained body which only served to cause the nipple clamps to twist and pull while leaning in to speak into my ear ad explain exactly what she was doing. Then the nipple clamps were gone, blood rushing back to the nipples “helped along” as Mistress Wildfire one free from the vampire gloves rubbed each in turn and then a smile clearly evident in her voice she explained what was happening as she introduced spiked gloves and wheel fist to my nipples and then to my genitals.

After the blindfold was removed, when being released from the cross and given a few moments to stretch I found myself once again kneeling at Mistresses Wildfires fee. Being allowed the honour of worshiping her body once more, not only her feet at legs but this time I was rewarded by being allowed to extend my adoration higher and permitted to cover the tight latex enclosing her shapely bum in a series of kisses. Next I was strapped to the bench and after Mistress Wildfire had brought a warmth to my skin (and I assume a nice red glow) with a series of spanks using her hand she walked around my prone body her heels clicking as she fondled her ‘favourite’ flogger explaining how the weight, balance and material combined to dictate the quality and force of the impact it could impart, either slapping me again to keep the warmth in my flesh or letting the falls dangle to run along and then off my body as I was told to relax. Then suddenly the sound of air parting filled the room and I felt the leather impact my body for the first time. Working in a methodical manner, she built the rhythm of the flogging, its speed and force being driven up working towards a crescendo as I tried to control my breathing and keep count in my own head, her attentions moved from my back to arse, back and forth with every few sets.

Finally I was restrained and secured on my back for a session which combined facesitting and ass worship as Mistress Wildfire settled herself atop me. Spending her time alternating between putting me through a delicious tease session whilst being allowed to worship her perfect bum now filling my vision and then settling her weight atop me as she would sit back for longer and longer periods each time dictating my breathing before finally combing both activities – in what was defiantly one of the highlights of first ever session.

All too suddenly it was over, the hour session I had booked had come to an end and I was allowed time to dress and we returned to the previous room to have another conversation about the scene Mistress Wildfire had expertly crafted for me, my thoughts and feelings on each of the actives we’d sampled and the session as a whole. If you ever get the chance to just sit and speak to Mistress Wildfire then do so, you so rarely get the chance to spend time with a woman that has the combination of flawless looks, intellect and charm that Mistress Wildfire possesses. My only two regrets from that first meeting was that I had almost let my nerves get to me and missed out on meeting Mistress Wildfire and that I had only asked for an hour in her presence.

I’ve since visited Mistress Wildfire on other occasions and the range of actives she has guided me through as grown in scope and intensity as has the length of the sessions, the nervous anticipation is still there each time but I’ve learnt from that initial mistake which so narrowly avoided and now see that as just the initial build up to what’s certain be a memorable couple of hours. Seeing Mistress Wildfire is always the highlight of my trips to London and I will gratefully count it as a privilege to spend my time with her for as long she continues to do so.

One final word of warning however, once you step through the looking glass with Mistress Wildfire there’s no turning back, you will be hers, lost to her beauty, intelligence and magnetic personality – I for one wouldn’t have it any other way and cannot wait until I next have the opportunity to serve Mistress Alexandra Wildfire.

Review from Lone Moonwalker – January 2017:

 Your mind is racing. Is she going to be as good as I imagine her to be? You have found the location, and you knock on the door. When she opens; you look at her, and you know you are not going to regret it.


She leads you into the dungeon, and it’s immediately clear that the rules of the outside world do not apply here. This is a place of female domination. You wanted to be below a woman, and you are.

The preliminary chat is nice and friendly, with no air of arrogance. You have a chance to explain your limits. But make no mistake, the session is not about you dictating what happens next. It is your Mistress who leads the way from start to finish. Isn’t that what you came for? And don’t worry, your limits will be respected.

The instruments you have seen in female domination clips are all here. This is what you’ve been craving; but when your Mistress moves slowly towards a punishment tool, and you know it’s for you, no doubt you might tremble a little. Is it excitement or is it fear?

Don’t be surprised when, kneeling behind Her, you can’t take your eyes of Mistress’ female curves as she moves. Will She punish you for this?

Prior to visiting a Dominatrix, you are likely to wonder whether She truly enjoys dominating men. With Miss Wildfire, rest assured that She does. I have seen, heard, and felt it.

Do you want to be ordered around by a Lady in latex? If you’re lucky enough, Miss Wildfire might grace you with wearing one of Her many latex garments.

You are under Her thumb, but you can feel safe at the same time, because She knows what She’s doing. She hasn’t just picked a whip and started beating men, She has trained and She’s got the skills.

Miss Wildfire may be a foreigner, but Her English language skills are just as good as Her domination. At Her dungeon, You will find the explosive combination of Eastern European looks with good English communication.

Did I say you won’t regret it? Well, I can only repeat that.

Review from Silber Fuchs – October 2016:

So I shined her black latex hood and dress. She looked so good, dominant and erotic, strong and controlling.

She put me into restraints, gagged and flogged me, arse and back. All I could see where those eyes inside her latex hood, piercing and totally in command, staring and comforting all at the same time. She pulled her face close to me and whispered to check the pain as she applied pain in the nipple torture, fingers, nails and clamps. I could not see past these eyes and the slow moving lips and quiet voice. I was totally in her spell as she slowly dropped her saliva into my open mouth. More pain and comfort. A fantastic Domina and so ready to start again at our next session. Soon soon please.