leg worship double domme sessions

Double Domme Sessions

What, am I not enough for you?!   …or do you just crave double-trouble?

Double Domme sessions from my London playspace are available for those of you brave (or foolish) enough to try appeasing two, three or even more beautiful, demanding, and playfully wicked dominant Ladies. Treat yourself and read on.

I offer sessions ranging from mildly playful to deeply intense alongside my Domme friends – some of the country’s most beautiful and talented Mistresses.

Do bear in mind that arranging Double Domme sessions requires some planning (coordinating Dommes can sometimes be akin to “herding cats”) so do contact me as far in advance as possible.  Likewise, a deposit is necessary to secure one of my multi-Domme sessions.

For more details, please get in touch via email.

Below you will find some of the stunning and mischievous Ladies I session with.