Enlightened Snowflake May 2017

Submitting to Mistress Wildfire for the first time is a heady, intoxicating and addictive experience. No photograph can prepare you for quite how spectacularly beautiful She is in person. She greeted me in a black latex mini-dress, stockings and latex opera gloves, her stunning figure demanding servility and obedience from the outset. At first sight I was transfixed, tongue-tied and unable to speak, like a nervous schoolboy.

Mistress Wildfire is possessed of a overwhelming intellect and a wicked creativity. I sat mesmerized, giddy with a mixture of excitement and apprehension, as She described the scenario She had devised for me.

Within minutes I had been kidnapped.

Completely disorientated, cuffed and with a hood over my head, I was led by my Captor down winding steps to Her torture chamber.  Once inside and with no means of escape, my hood was removed and I was permitted to survey Her impressive and intimidating selection of instruments of domination and torture.

As I followed Her instruction to undress, Mistress Wildfire stood over me imperiously brandishing Her riding crop; a superior, noble and elegant Eastern European Countess.  Once naked, I was tightly strapped into Her interrogation chair and, by now acquiescent and vulnerable, I was subjected to Her irresistible and expert hypnosis which stripped me of all vestiges of the will to resist and left me with only the desire to serve Her.

Completely enslaved, I was permitted to worship Mistress’s stocking clad feet (she has the most perfectly formed and fragrant feet, which I would gladly worship forever) and then, to my delight, Her wonderful latex-clad ass, before humbly and gratefully being allowed to touch her body as I shined Her dress.

But Mistress Wildfire had only been toying with me so far. Soon I found myself shackled to Her examination table and subjected to the most exquisite of tortures. In turn I gladly submitted to a range of delicious punishments including breath-play, face-sitting, nipple torture, cruel sensation play, pin-wheels, electrics and teasing with various devices.  Firmly held by my manacles I was powerless to resist and I writhed helplessly on the table, thrilled that my yells of discomfort elicited such wonderful, wicked laughter from my divine Tormentress.

Mistress Wildfire’s mixture of expertise, wit, creativity and humour is something exceptional. The role-play that She had prepared for me was very carefully thought out.  It was ingenious, wholly immersive and yet so inventive that I was never quite sure what She would do to me next.

Outside of our session Mistress Wildfire was strikingly intelligent, engaging and delightful company. Superlatives cannot possibly do Her justice and I can’t recommend Mistress Wildfire highly enough. As I was released from my bonds I found myself begging to arrange another opportunity to submit to Her and I am counting the hours until I can place myself in Her clutches again.

Craig March 2017:

In life when you meet someone that has a true calling for what they do this will always shine through from the enthusiasm they show and the quality of their work.  Even if you yourself have no experience in the area the combination of true passion and technical expertise is always discernible; from the woodworking and craftsmanship of a master carpenter, the presentation and flavours of a meal prepared by a Michelin star chief to the framing and storytelling present in a photograph taken by an award winning photographer each posses a unique, intangible quality that lets you know that are in the presence of something very special – this is the same feeling you get when submitting to Mistress Alexandra Wildfire.

My first time meeting Mistress Wildfire was to some degree a spur of the moment decision, but as often is the case with such things a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable experience that I wouldn’t trade. I’d been interested in BDSM for number years but had until this point had  little to no chance to act upon my desires, then one day last December I found myself taking a last minute trip to London by myself. I’d already familiarised myself with her website and knew my interests lined up well with her own, so I spent some time preparing an introductory email which apologised for the short notice of my request and detailed my (lack of) experience, what I thought I might enjoy and what I felt my limits would be before asking what she felt appropriate for someone’s first session. The email sent, still unsure of what I was doing I was either expecting no response at all or to be told that I’d left it too late and it wouldn’t be possible, to my surprise and delight however a short time later I’d not only received a response but had arranged a time and date for a session on my second day in London.

The nervous anticipation slowly grew over the next four days, a heady mix of fear and excitement built as I was left wondering what I’d done, what I had let myself in for. As my first day in London drew to an end I received another email from Mistress Wildfire with directions to where we were to meet and asking me to confirm that I would be attending.  I arrived early the next day not wishing to make a bad impression by being late … I arrived far, far too early so I found a coffee shop and sat and watched the world go by or at least I told myself that was what I was doing. My nerves by now were almost all consuming as I sat drinking a coffee and fidgeting with a napkin whilst reviewing what we’d spoke about in emails. For a few fleeting moments I thought about leaving, but knowing now that it was too late to change anything and that deep down this is what I wanted, that I’d confirmed with Mistress Wildfire, I’d made a commitment and I would honour it, Mistress Wildfire would be expecting me, so after half an hour or so I slowly made my way the rest of the way to the arranged meeting location and I waited.

Mistress Wildfire arrived and we introduced ourselves to one another before making our way back to her chambers exchanging pleasantries and small talk on the short walk as we did so. Nothing quite prepares you for that first initial contact, you think you understand from the photographs on her website how attractive Miss Wildfire is, you don’t, those photographs pale in comparison to the first glimpse you catch of her in the flesh. Whether wrapped in latex, clad in leather, clothed in fine lingerie, or dressed in casual clothing to walk in public these outfits only serve to further enhance the allure that is Mistress Wildfire, a beauty that words and images alone cannot do justice to.

Upon entering her Chambers Mistress Wildfire had me sit and relax for a moment before starting the session with a glass of water and a conversation (clearly able to read my nerves) reiterating what we’d spoke of in the emails up until this point, making sure I was aware of acceptable forms of address and knew both a safeword and general idea of how the session would progress. As this was my first time in such an environment she went to great lengths to ensure I understood what would happen and how intentional pain in the session from a given activity differed from something which was unintentional such as that of a cramp. With that taken care of I was instructed to move into her playspace, undress and kneel while I while she took care of some of the paperwork in the other room for a moment. Doing as instructed the nervous anticipation which has abated somewhat during our talk slammed back into me as I was left naked, kneeling on the floor my eyes drifting around the room taking in the details from the large Saint Andrews cross and benches which dominated the walls to the tastefully arrayed crops, tawses and canes in this corner here, nipple clamps, butt plugs and dildos on a bookshelf there and so on as the Suicide Squad theme song ‘Sucker for Pain’ drifted quietly out from a speaker in the corner to fill the room, then I heard the slow deliberate clack of Mistress Wildfires heels on the hard wooden floor and knew my session was about to begin in earnest.

The session stated slowly as Mistress Wildfire dressed in a breath-taking combination of skin tight red latex dress and fishnet stockings allowed me the privilege of slowly worshiping from the toe of her high heels all the way to the top of her exquisite long legs stopping me occasionally to “warm up” my nipples through a series of light slaps, tugs and twists. Next I was blindfolded and strapped to the cross against the wall as her hands softly roamed around my body and then they were gone and again the anticipation built as I could hear Miss Wildfire walk around the room collecting unseen items before suddenly she was back, her voice coming from just to the side of my head as she continued the attention on my nipples. My mind reeled as without warning a nipple clamp was attached followed swiftly by a second. After a few moments to get accustomed to the new sensations I was introduced to Mistress Wildfires vampire gloves and pin wheel as she pressed and walked them along my body, working seemingly at random from chest to thighs and everywhere in-between stopping occasionally to press and rub her shapely figure against my restrained body which only served to cause the nipple clamps to twist and pull while leaning in to speak into my ear ad explain exactly what she was doing. Then the nipple clamps were gone, blood rushing back to the nipples “helped along” as Mistress Wildfire one free from the vampire gloves rubbed each in turn and then a smile clearly evident in her voice she explained what was happening as she introduced spiked gloves and wheel fist to my nipples and then to my genitals.

After the blindfold was removed, when being released from the cross and given a few moments to stretch I found myself once again kneeling at Mistresses Wildfires fee. Being allowed the honour of worshiping her body once more, not only her feet at legs but this time I was rewarded by being allowed to extend my adoration higher and permitted to cover the tight latex enclosing her shapely bum in a series of kisses. Next I was strapped to the bench and after Mistress Wildfire had brought a warmth to my skin (and I assume a nice red glow) with a series of spanks using her hand she walked around my prone body her heels clicking as she fondled her ‘favourite’ flogger explaining how the weight, balance and material combined to dictate the quality and force of the impact it could impart, either slapping me again to keep the warmth in my flesh or letting the falls dangle to run along and then off my body as I was told to relax. Then suddenly the sound of air parting filled the room and I felt the leather impact my body for the first time. Working in a methodical manner, she built the rhythm of the flogging, its speed and force being driven up working towards a crescendo as I tried to control my breathing and keep count in my own head, her attentions moved from my back to arse, back and forth with every few sets.

Finally I was restrained and secured on my back for a session which combined facesitting and ass worship as Mistress Wildfire settled herself atop me. Spending her time alternating between putting me through a delicious tease session whilst being allowed to worship her perfect bum now filling my vision and then settling her weight atop me as she would sit back for longer and longer periods each time dictating my breathing before finally combing both activities – in what was defiantly one of the highlights of first ever session.

All too suddenly it was over, the hour session I had booked had come to an end and I was allowed time to dress and we returned to the previous room to have another conversation about the scene Mistress Wildfire had expertly crafted for me, my thoughts and feelings on each of the actives we’d sampled and the session as a whole. If you ever get the chance to just sit and speak to Mistress Wildfire then do so, you so rarely get the chance to spend time with a woman that has the combination of flawless looks, intellect and charm that Mistress Wildfire possesses. My only two regrets from that first meeting was that I had almost let my nerves get to me and missed out on meeting Mistress Wildfire and that I had only asked for an hour in her presence.

I’ve since visited Mistress Wildfire on other occasions and the range of actives she has guided me through as grown in scope and intensity as has the length of the sessions, the nervous anticipation is still there each time but I’ve learnt from that initial mistake which so narrowly avoided and now see that as just the initial build up to what’s certain be a memorable couple of hours. Seeing Mistress Wildfire is always the highlight of my trips to London and I will gratefully count it as a privilege to spend my time with her for as long she continues to do so.

One final word of warning however, once you step through the looking glass with Mistress Wildfire there’s no turning back, you will be hers, lost to her beauty, intelligence and magnetic personality – I for one wouldn’t have it any other way and cannot wait until I next have the opportunity to serve Mistress Alexandra Wildfire.

Lone Moonwalker January 2017:

 Your mind is racing. Is she going to be as good as I imagine her to be? You have found the location, and you knock on the door. When she opens; you look at her, and you know you are not going to regret it.

She leads you into the dungeon, and it’s immediately clear that the rules of the outside world do not apply here. This is a place of female domination. You wanted to be below a woman, and you are.

The preliminary chat is nice and friendly, with no air of arrogance. You have a chance to explain your limits. But make no mistake, the session is not about you dictating what happens next. It is your Mistress who leads the way from start to finish. Isn’t that what you came for? And don’t worry, your limits will be respected.

The instruments you have seen in female domination clips are all here. This is what you’ve been craving; but when your Mistress moves slowly towards a punishment tool, and you know it’s for you, no doubt you might tremble a little. Is it excitement or is it fear?

Don’t be surprised when, kneeling behind Her, you can’t take your eyes of Mistress’ female curves as she moves. Will She punish you for this?

Prior to visiting a Dominatrix, you are likely to wonder whether She truly enjoys dominating men. With Miss Wildfire, rest assured that She does. I have seen, heard, and felt it.

Do you want to be ordered around by a Lady in latex? If you’re lucky enough, Miss Wildfire might grace you with wearing one of Her many latex garments.

You are under Her thumb, but you can feel safe at the same time, because She knows what She’s doing. She hasn’t just picked a whip and started beating men, She has trained and She’s got the skills.

Miss Wildfire may be a foreigner, but Her English language skills are just as good as Her domination. At Her dungeon, You will find the explosive combination of Eastern European looks with good English communication.

Did I say you won’t regret it? Well, I can only repeat that.

Silber Fuchs October 2016:

So I shined her black latex hood and dress. She looked so good, dominant and erotic, strong and controlling. She put me into restraints, gagged and flogged me, arse and back. All I could see where those eyes inside her latex hood, piercing and totally in command, staring and comforting all at the same time. She pulled her face close to me and whispered to check the pain as she applied pain in the nipple torture, fingers, nails and clamps. I could not see past these eyes and the slow moving lips and quiet voice. I was totally in her spell as she slowly dropped her saliva into my open mouth. More pain and comfort. A fantastic Domina and so ready to start again at our next session. Soon soon please.