Alexandra - The Person

My background

I come from Eastern Europe (land well-known for its beautiful and opinionated women) and I have lived in England for over ten years now. Luckily the move to London enabled me to fully explore my Domme nature (and what a kinky city London is).  I consider the move the best decision I have ever made, as somehow with my flamboyance and outspoken manner I never fit well within the small-town community that I come from.

Now, for those of you that are interested in a session (or for those who have been scarred in the past by visiting a beautiful East European “Mistress” only to find that she can’t speak English very well) – make no mistake – this certainly is not the case with me. I am articulate and well-educated, I have a Master’s degree, completed here in England with distinction. Why do I even mention that? Because I do understand why it’s important – after all, the mind is the most deviant organ of them all, and if your Mistress cannot understand your interests or twist your mind with deviant words, then you should perhaps try and find one that is able to do so.

I started as a Pro Domme a few years ago and, unlike many, as well as drawing on my own experiences, I sought professional instruction and, as a result, I have a much greater grounding in BDSM with much wider interests than many. I also became a House Mistress at Subversion and Subversion Noir back in early 2015 – where you’re welcome to find me and introduce yourself.

In addition to my kinky business I enjoy a professional and flexible freelancing job, which provides me with all the time and space that I need as a Mistress, and the ability to choose only the very few of the interesting projects in my field – and the reason for it is simply to satiate my academic mind and provide balance to all the carnal pleasures I experience on a daily basis. After all, variety is a spice of a Domme’s life. It also means that my primary focus is a genuine desire to explore BDSM with my chosen slaves rather than the financial incentive. I am in a position to select my subs carefully, with personal connection and genuine rapport being the two most important factors for me.

Vital Stats

Age: Early 30s
Height: 5’7, or 170cm
Hair: Long, straight, light blond
Eyes: Blue
Dress size: 8
Shoe size: 5
Tattoos: None
Education: MA Degree
Ethnicity: Eastern European
Location: Chambers in SW9 / Outcalls (5* Hotels)
My favourite food: Lebanese
My favourite drink: Vesper Martini
My favourite animal: Horses (and cats)